Do I need a bookkeeper if I have an accountant?

Despite the terms bookkeeper and accountant being interchanged frequently, they are quite different roles. Bookkeepers generally work with the general ledger accounts, recording transactions, categorizing transactions and bank reconciliations. Accountants file taxes for the business and analyze the financial status.

Also, most accountants don’t like to do bookkeeping work and most bookkeepers don’t like to do accountant work. Since accountants charge a higher rate, selecting an experienced bookkeeper is definitely a cost and time saving business decision.

How much does it cost to hire Modern Ledger Business Services?

Please contact us today to setup a consultation to determine your customized plan of bookkeeper service cost.

What software does Modern Ledger Business Services use for bookkeeping?

We use QuickBooks Online for our clients because it is a robust, well-known and supported system. Thanks to so many financial documents being available online, we are able to service customers across the United States.